Headliners (UK) and CoRAY are delighted to share the series of CoRAY Voices Top Tips Podcasts which focuses on how uncertainty has affected young people's mental health and what we can do to manage, when feeling uncertain. The podcast has been co-produced between Headliners (UK), the young people and the CoRAY project team.

A group of young people from the North East examined the evidence informed recommendations for supporting young people to manage change and uncertainty.

They found that coping with uncertainty and change have been key features of the COVID-19 pandemic. Young people have had to continually adjust and readjust their lifestyles and behaviour in response to changing risks and challenges posed by the virus and to updated government guidelines. People respond differently to change and uncertainty, some react positively (e.g. excitement) whilst others react negatively (e.g. worry). It can be difficult to tolerate uncertainty and at times this can lead to distress and affect mental health. Difficulty coping with uncertainty is associated with a range of different mental health issues.

The young people from the North East Headliners (UK) NCS Changemakers group developed the co-produced questions and interviewed a special guest, Professor Jacqui Rodgers about how to support young people who are experiencing change and uncertainty.

There are 5 Top Tips that came out of the  podcast recordings and we are delighted to share them episode here:

CoRAYVoices Top Tip #1

CoRAYVoices Top Tip #2

CoRAYVoices Top Tip #3

CoRAYVoices Top Tip #4

CoRAYVoices Top Tip #5

The CoRay project partners are very grateful to the Medical Research Council and the Westminster Foundation for supporting this work.