Headliners (UK) and CoRAY are delighted to share the third CoRAY Voices Podcast which focuses on how young people can seek help in managing their mental health.

The podcast has been co-produced between Headliners (UK), the young people and the CoRAY project team.

A group of young people from the North East examined the evidence informed recommendations for encouraging young people to seek help when they are struggling with their mental health.

Summary of the key recommendations for encouraging young people to seek help were:

  1. It can be difficult to know the difference between what is ‘normal’ and what is ‘a problem’ in relation to mental health - if difficulties are interfering with everyday life (like sleep, eating, schoolwork) then it is worth seeking help or support.
  2. It can be hard to put feelings into words, that’s understandable and won’t just apply to you.
  3. It is a good thing to ask for help or support if it is needed, try not to feel embarrassed or put off by other people’s reactions if they don’t get it quite right straight away.
  4. There are different types of help and support available, choose and try different options.
  5. Mental health professionals will keep information about an individual’s mental health confidential, unless they think that there is a risk of harm to the individual or other people.
  6. Mental health professionals want to help, try not to be put off if change does not happen immediately, this might take time

We are delighted to share Episode 3 in our Series of CoRAY Voices where Tori, Eve and Jenny interview Polly Waite, a clinical psychologist on how young people can get support:

Headliners (UK) is working with the Emerging Minds Network and a number of partners on the Co-RAY project to enable young people to develop resources to support young people’s mental health during COVID-19 (particularly 11 – 16 year olds). 

The CoRAY project team comprises the Emerging Minds Network working with the Triumph Network and supported by the wider UKRI funded Mental Health Networks along with our partners: The University of Reading, Swansea University, Young Minds, the Centre for Mental Health and the McPin Foundation, Headliners (UK) and Fully Focused Productions to support young people themselves to develop and share resources that will be helpful for other young people. We will also be helping to share existing evidence based resources.

The CoRay project partners are very grateful to the Medical Research Council and the Westminster Foundation for supporting this work.

If you need more information.

More information on sources of support (and other useful resources) can be found here: https://www.nhs.uk/oneyou/every-mind-matters/youth-mental-health/

For more information about seeking help where you are:

Scotland: http://www.healthscotland.scot/health-topics/mental-health-and-wellbeing/children-and-young-peoples-mental-health

Wales: https://collaborative.nhs.wales/networks/wales-mental-health-network/how-to-get-support/

Northern Ireland: https://www.nidirect.gov.uk/articles/your-childs-mental-health