As part of Week 1 of our Content Creation for Social Action project, young people from Islington have been learning how to utilise photography for purpose, exploring photojournalism. Together, the group shared their ideas of key concerns they have for the natural environment and set out to take photos to share their message with others. 

Pink Flowers / Orion Haile

A photo of pink flowers taken in Culpeper Community Gardens, Islington.

"I like how despite the surrounding urban environment, this little pocket of nature has thrived. These flowers show the results of an effort made to preserve the natural beauty of the world.

"The community garden this subject was planted in was constructed in the centre of one of the most developed cities in the world. This goes to show that with a little help, nature can flourish anywhere."

Desperate Measures / Mia Turnbull

Action for animals: climate change impact.

"I chose this photo because it shows how interconnected nature, animals, and humans are. This shows how stuff in the climate that affects animals could affect us in the future. I like this picture because it shows how resourceful animals are despite the climate challenges they face.

"The topic I chose was animals and climate change. This topic is important to me because taking away animal's natural habitats is taking away their ability to survive... and in some cases, even making them extinct. People should care about the impact their actions cause to animals, for example plastic in the ocean."

Our Honey Maker / Zainab Joaquim Alfonso

We see the bee extracting nectar from a beautiful purple flower!

"I chose this photo because it shows what gives us our honey. This topic means, for me, that the killing of bees can reduce the amount of honey we produce. The thing I like about this photo is that the colour of the flower is very bold and the bee stands out.

"I chose preserving nature [as a topic]. It means that we need to save nature, because nature is a big part of our everyday life. I want to share that nature is amazing."

Existence / Tia Lawrence

Purple shows how serene the world can be. It is the building blocks to our existence.

"I chose this photo because it shows that in a world where we are surrounded by climate change and pollution, a world where people are consumed with work, business, and just surviving - where stress consumes us - if you just took a moment to step outside the box and surround yourself with nature, you could realise how tranquil and still the world can be.

"This photo represents the struggles of the world. The flowers were taken at a low angle to show how nature is a sky scraper - it helps us to survive. They are the building blocks to our existence, and to think that if we don't stop climate change (and pollution) where would we all be?

"This photo shows how calming it is to just take a minute to be submersed in it. The purple overtakes the whole photo, showing how serene the world could be."

This project was produced as a collaboration between Summerversity and Headliners (UK).


Thank you to the National Lottery Community Fund for making these sessions possible.