Young people from both Headliners (UK) and Trapped in Zone One joined together for a two-week exhibition at the Kobi Nazrul Centre from the 10th October until the 21st October 2022. This exhibition was created from the work completed as a part of our Safe Spaces London project; during which the young people at Spotlight explored various aspects of emotional wellbeing, with an emphasis on self-expression. Focusing on themes such as stress and anxiety, respect, identity, and confidence, the young people created photo-stories about how they demonstrate each theme in their everyday life and why it is important to monitor our wellbeing.

Alongside showcasing a select few photos the young people created this summer, "Colouring Identity" also brought in the creative works that the young people developed during the summer sessions, such as origami hearts and human collages. The purpose of these creative tasks was to empower the young people to view themselves positively, to connect to their identity in a new way and to promote mindful activities. 

On the final day of the exhibition, a final celebration took place in which young people, their guardians, and other local organisations were all invited. 

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This project was produced as a collaboration between Trapped in Zone One and Headliners (UK).
Thank you to the Edward Gostling Foundation for making these sessions possible.