Headliners (UK) is delighted to be working in partnership with Tower Hamlets Council Prevent team to address the issues facing young people living in Tower Hamlets, London at risk of radicalisation and how it affects their wellbeing and feeling of safety.

Headliners' London team are delivering our Breaking Through the Headlines project which is youth-led and we are working to support 90 young people aged 12-24 years old whose life circumstances mean they may be at greater risk of being radicalised.

Breaking Through the Headlines will enable young people to have a voice, have unfiltered conversations and create multi-media content. The project has 3 modules:

  • How language can divide us: to explore how language can be used to divide people and support them to be more resilient when they experience extremist language or behaviour. To understand how language can be purposefully manipulated to promote misinformation and disinformation
  • Living in the wider world: examine extremism in the wider world and challenge the young people to connect specific instances of extremism. Investigating topics from previous sessions, the young people will develop their skills in recording interviews, writing stories and learning filming skills to enable them to share their stories
  • Breaking Through the Headlines: capture views on the issues affecting them and create media content and stories

The outcomes expected for young people are:

  • Increased resilience to all forms of extremism
  • Increased awareness of online risks and the ability to recognise toxic language and behaviour
  • Multi-media skills building
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Improved social and communication skills 

For more information about the programme, please contact the Project Officer, Ruby Punt on [email protected]