Prejudice takes root in society in numerous ways; in "Breaking Down Classism", the young people at New City College explore how class-based discrimination impacts their community. Classism impacts our social circles, career opportunities, and even our personal development. This form of discrimination affects people from all cultures and backgrounds; but most especially young people. 

We often see language relating to classism used to divide society, creating an Us versus Them mentality. This is dangerous as it creates the view, that people should only befriend people who are like them and rejects the importance of diversity. The young people discuss this further explaining that fundamentally we are all human.

This project was produced as a collaboration between New City College Tower Hamlets and Headliners (UK) by Sayeed, Vasco, Mubin, Miguel, Paul, Junnun, and Rejaul.
Thank you to the Tower Hamlets Prevent Team for making these sessions possible.

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