Too many young people feel marginalised by society and believe that their voice doesn’t count.

ADULTS - Let’s change the way we respond to young people and show them that their voice DOES matter.

YOUNG PEOPLE – Have your say. Show that your voice DOES count!

Call to action - We want you to:

AGREE that #youngvoicescount. Show us by sharing a photo or video on Twitter with the hashtag #youngvoicescount. Printable resources available below.

SHARE the #youngvoicescount campaign and Headliners stories across social media promote young people’s point of view #youngvoicescount

FUNDRAISE for us to raise valuable funds for our programmes which support young people have a say on issues affecting them. Join one of our fundraising events or do your own thing to promote #youngvoicescount. To see what other people are doing click here

DONATE to support the work that we do giving young people the opportunity to have a voice in issues affecting them and their communities


Headliners has always believed that young people have a valid point of view and should be allowed to engage in the dialogue that shapes their experience in the world. We believe that young people should be listened to not because they are ‘young’, but because they are members of society with lived experiences well ahead of their 18th birthday. Young people’s points of views are too important to ignore, but often they are left out of the conversation altogether. We want this to change.

To play our part in creating change, we want to gather about us people that share our beliefs, create a wide audience to hear (and importantly) share young people’s views,  and together, make noise that influencers and decisions makers can’t ignore in support of #youngvoicescount

What monies raised will fund:

Continuation of hard to fund bureau activities in Northern Ireland, Newcastle and London. Bureau programmes provide open access activities for young people aged 12-19 to engage in media/ journalism/ employability skill workshops that support them to develop confidence, self esteem, social skills and raise their voice on issues affecting them. They also provide ongoing volunteering/ leadership and social action activities.


Printable #youngvoicescount bubble for selfies

Printable #youngvoicescount bubble that you can write your own statement on

#youngvoicescount watermark for profile photos. For dark backgrounds

#youngvoicescount watermark for profile photos. For light backgrounds