Our relationship with alcohol begins to form long before our first taste, in many cases that relationship continues long after the drinking stops. The effects of alcohol consumption can have a detrimental impact. That impact can be minimised; Sometimes all we need to do is discuss the issue. Holding the conversation can prove difficult.

In this short documentary feature, Headliners film makers outline how that relationship is influenced by our friends, family, geography and socio-economic status. It also delves into the reasons some young people drink and the consequences of those actions. It is a stark examination of the issues surrounding under age drinking.

The film was made by Simone Boyd, Jack Woods, William Buchannon, Conal McIntyre, Laura Szewc, Sean Lincoln, Caitlin McCusker, Chloe Fleming, Angel Duncan, Cailtlin Deehan, Jordan Hartop, Tammy Deehan, Robert McCool, Leah Crawford and Taneshia McDaid.

These young people are all members of the Chill group from Rutledge, Derry in Association with Headliners. Rutledge is a training and education provider. The project was funded by The Big Lottery Fund.