As part of a Headliners media and personal development project young people from Extern were encouraged to explore difficulties they face in everyday life. 

Two participants shared experiences of being victims of racist slurs. These girls moved from England to Northern Ireland and had been called names because they had an English accent.

This prompted further discussion about what it must be like for people who are forced out of their countries because of war and expected to settle in to life in a new country with a different language, food and way of life.

The young people expressed a desire to interview Syrian refugees.

'A Refugee Like Me' evolved into an exploration of the effects of war on families and communities but also the celebration of acceptance, shared experiences and respect.

The film also conveys a message of hope that the younger generation can move civilisation towards a more peaceful, multicultural and shared future.

This film was produced by Extern young people: Ciaran (13), Demi (13), Caitlin (13), Heather (16), Niamh (13) and Bailey (13).

This Headliners Foyle project was funded by Big Lottery as part of their Voices for Change Programme.