Headliners young people explain what community means to them as controversial bonfire destroys community spirit in a Catholic area of Derry.

Despite 84% of residents of the Bogside area of Derry stating in a Housing Executive survey that they didn't want a huge bonfire erected in their estate the controversial eyesore was set alight infront of some 2,000 revellers.

Nearly a month on and heated debates and fallouts among residents and community representatives continue in the wake of this costly fire which blocked a main road in the city and terrified vulnerable residents living just a stones throw away from the montrosity. 

While most politicians and reswidents accept that bonfires are an important part of Northern Irelands culture and legacy this one which towered over 20 ft high and close to an electrical substation has done irreparable damage to community spirit in the area.

As the last of the embers smouldered on the day after the blaze Headliners young people share their views on community.

Bonfires are traditionally set alight on August 15 in some Nationalist areas of Derry to mark the Assumption.

The Catholic feast commenmorates the Virgin Mary's death and assumption into heaven.

This film was produced by: Hannah B, Beth, Neil, Daniel, James, Kasey, Hannah P and Gerry.

It was produced as part of Headliners Foyle's Summer Journalism Programme.