The crisis service that is saving lives

Young people explore what is being done to tackle the issue of suicide in Derry/Londonderry Read more

Knife Crime Part Two: A Podcast Ep.2

What do the local police think about knife crime and where do we go from here? Read more

Knife Crime Part Two: A Podcast Ep.1

What do the local police think about knife crime and where do we go from here? Read more

Knife Crime Part One: Public Opinion

With a surge in media coverage on knife crime throughout 2019 we investigated what do the public think and why? Read more

Nature makes me feel...

How does the wash of sun, rain on your skin and the buzz of an insect past your ear makes you feel? Read more

Audio guides of Crane Park Island

Have you ever wandered through nature and thought, I need to know more about this place? Read more

Lyra in her own words

A celebration of some of Lyra Mckee's earliest journalism work. #RIPLyraMcKee Read more

Gaytime TV

What struggles do the LGBTQ community face when trying to have their voices heard on mainstream television? Read more

A brave new world is upon us

Lyra McKee despaired about trying to get in to the media. But then she was rescued by an e-mail... Read more

Death in the name of entertainment

Lyra McKee from Belfast thinks comments about the death of Steve Urwin are unfair. Read more

Votes at 16

Should the voting age be lowered to 16? Two of our young reporters in Belfast investigate. Read more

Children's Ex-stress

Being a journalist isn't always what it's cracked up to be. As Headliners Lyra McKee discovered... Read more

Celebrity AIDS Advocates 'a Distraction'

Are celebrity advocates to issues such as AIDS awareness a distraction? Read more

Keeping it Wild Digital Stories

How do you communicate the emotional response that nature and wildlife can have on you? Read more

Palentine's Day

Missing a partner on Valentine's Day? Young people offer tips for appreciating the others in your life. Read more

Being with autism, is being with POCA

Members of Parents of Older Children with Autism, (POCA), turn the camera focus onto themselves. Read more

Alcohol, a conversation

Hows your relationship with alcohol? These young people honestly examine their habits. Read more

Shed a Little Light - Why War?

Why does war exist? What causes racism? How does it feel to be a refugee? Read more

Young Refugee Voices - David

Sometimes young people don't want to say much but they still want to take part... Read more

Young Refugee Voices - Mdther

What do young people who come to the UK want people to know about them? Read more

Young Refugee Voices - Mona

A young Muslim girl speaks to us about her friends and her love of football. Read more

Young Refugee Voices - Anas

What do young refugees aspire to be when they grow up? Anas tells us what he would like his future to look like. Read more

Nothing is Impossible for Women

This young person from Somalia explores the importance respect, equality and freedom. Read more

A Refugee Like Me

War to Peace - A Syrian Refugee on settling into life in Derry Read more