Do you get where I'm coming from?

What is life like as a young refugee? What challenges do they face? What aspirations do they have?Read more

Falling Under the Radar

What challenges do young carers face? And what do they need to help them through?Read more

Catapulted into Maturity

Just who are young carers? What brings tears and smiles to their lives and where is the support?Read more

Image Under Pressure

Beauty. How far will you go to achieve it? Our young journalists investigate!Read more

It's like rugby on wheels!

Have you seen much about hockey celebrated in the news or ever heard of Roller Derby? Why?Read more

Are women paid fairly in sports?

People often talk about women getting paid less than men in sports, but are they?Read more

Women in the Chair

Young reporters from Headliners explain how they identified inspirational women and celebrated their achievements in Haiku form engraved on kitchen chairs for an art exhibition.Read more

Bending it like Beckham – for no pay

Former England soccer captain Angela Banks tells Headliners why she thinks it's time for women to take a more prominent role in the sportRead more

Transgender in the 21st Century

Its International Women's Day today, but what about the voice of transgender women?Read more

Football - A Man's Game?

Inequality in sport has become a big thing in recent years with more sports trying to promote women competing at the highest levelRead more

A Man's Perspective

What do young men think of Internationals Women's Day? Do they even know it exists?Read more

Blind to Society

Women feel that they are judged by individuals and society. This film highlights how they are spoken to.Read more

Has feminism had an impact on films?

Are female characters more feminist today? Headliners' young reporters explore how roles have evolved over the years.Read more

Is feminism even relevant?

To younger women the term ‘feminist’ feels like a taboo phrase. One young journalist explores what it means to her.Read more

Let toys be toys

Should toys be divided into girls and boys toys? Or should they be more gender neutral?Read more

Are women equal in Hollywood?

Young Headliners reporter Adam MacDonald examines the fight for gender equality in Hollywood.Read more

Mind the generation gap

Do employers' attitudes towards today's teenagers mean that they are being held back?Read more


Award-winning youth media charity Headliners is seeking talented and inspirational staff for our Summer 2017 NCS Programme in Newcastle and South TynesideRead more

Bubble Box

Many food banks don't provide vital items for the home. This group of young people made it possible for one food bank to help over 200 families.Read more

Living with the Stigma of HIV

16-year-old Headliners member Eshe discovers the real experience of young people infected with HIV in Jamaica.Read more

Bullying, don't stand for it!

Young people from North Coast Integrated College have teamed up with Headliners to produce an anti-bullying film.Read more

State of Mind

In general Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic (BAME) young people only access mental health services at crisis points. Headliners reporters investigate the issues.Read more

Hallowe'en Horror Stories

Derry loves Hallowe'en, big kids and little kids will dress up and participate. To celebrate Headliners Foyle have written a number of scary stories, read them if you dare!Read more

Tips for the teacher

What can schools do to support children who are learning English as a second language?Read more