Because we believe young refugees have the right to be heard.

We believe that young refugees can be agents of change in their own lives and in their community, not just passive recipients of help as the media portrays.

We want to challenge the negative perceptions of young refugees in the media.

Young refugees themselves want and need a platform to be heard...

One of the things that organisations like Headliners can do to help us is just by speaking to me, allowing me to share my stories and giving me the platform, that’s very helpful. People could be better aware, better informed and they could have better understanding of the issues we face. (Gulwali Passarlay, 22)


We will use our creative photography and journalism techniques with young asylum seekers and refugees in a series of one-off workshops and projects to empower them to express themselves and tell their stories.

We will co-produce a patchwork of media content with the young people that captures their individual voices and highlights the stories that they want to tell in their own words. The work may showcase their interests, dreams and aspirations or it may be about the challenges they faced in the past or currently face now. Ultimately it will show young refugees as individuals.

To see some of what we have already created click here or type refugee into the search box in the top right hand corner of the website. 

We have already had a lot of interest from refugee organisations and media partners who see the need for this, so we will work in partnership we will distribute the young peoples stories we can in local, national and online media to create more realistic and positive representations of young refugees.

I would like the media to portray young refugees and asylum seekers positively. I know many of them are talented and they have a lot to offer in this country (Dream, 20)


Initially we want to raise £5000 to run as many short projects in London, the North East and Northern Ireland as we can, to create a large collection of young refugee voices. We are already running some initial projects from our own resources but they are very limited! If we achieve this initial target, we then hope to extend the programme into longer projects to explore some of the issues arising in more detail.

We are interested to hear from any organisation who might like to partner with us, place content for us or match fund what we raise.

Please help spread the word!