We believe young people have the right to be heard.

We empower them to express themselves, tell their stories and change their lives.


Alcohol, a conversation

Hows your relationship with alcohol? These young people present a brutally honest examination of their habits.


Author: Audrey Mullan

Grime Heritage - The Beats

What makes a Grime beat, a Grime beat? These young people investigate...


Author: Christian Nembhard

Kinnections - We are Family

What does family look like to young people who are looked after by relatives?


Author: Audrey Mullan

Under my Skin

Young people research issues such as home and belonging, identity and stereotypes through photography.


Author: Katie Thiselton

Do you get where I'm coming from?

What is life like as a young refugee? What challenges do they face? What aspirations do they have?


Author: Katie Thiselton

#GE2017 - Young Voices Count

Its election time but are young people informed enough to vote and do they feel represented?


Author: Katie Thiselton



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  • New Website

    Headliners (UK) has launched its new website which will showcase young people's stories, campaigns, videos and podcasts on issues that are important to them. Read more

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