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X Factor star Joe McElderry talks Paralympics and songwriting

Headliners reporters met with Joe McElderry at the Paralympic Flame Festival in Belfast.

Group interview Joe

The Paralympic Flame Festival took place at Belfast City Hall, where four young journalists were reporting for Headliners as part of BBC News School Report.

"The night started with a bang when we received our press passes which made us very excited and we were lucky enough to get a interview with Joe McElderry" said Naomi.

"Joe McElderry PerformsLater on stage was when the party really started and he performed hits such as ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ and ‘The Climb’ as well as his new material which had the crowd screaming for more!", said Emma.

Group with Joe McElderry

We caught up with him during rehearsals to hear about his new album and find out which Paralympic sports he will be following. Check out our podcast to find out more.

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About this story

This podcast was produced by Naomi Drury, 17, Emma Malcomson, 17, Rachel Maxwell, 15, and Deanna Montgomery-Shields from Headliners in Belfast reporting for BBC News School Report.

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