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What We Say Goes

P6 Pupils from Strandtown and St. Joseph's Primary Schools come together to discuss acceptable behaviour, ideal communities and underground waterslides.

Taking part in the IFI Sharing In Education (seven week) Progamme, young people from neighbouring schools in east Belfast met once a week for four weeks covering issues such as identity, community and shared space. They produced two podcasts and an animated film from their drawings which illustrate their discussions. See their film and listen to their podcasts below.

Nothing's Ruled Out

A contract is an agreement between people or groups which states terms and conditions that those involved decide to keep or stick to. The Good Friday Agreement or Belfast Agreement was signed on 10th April, 1998 and this outlined the terms and conditions for a shared future for the people of Northern Ireland.

When two classes from Strandtown and St. Joseph's primary schools metStrandtownStJosephs PS for the first time they too decided to discuss and create their own agreement which took the form of a 'Behaviour Contract'. It's not easy for big groups to always reach a compromise or to agree on everything but pupils quickly learnt how important it is to respect everyone's views and make sure everyone has their say. Listen to their podcast here.

What We Say Goes

StrandtownSt. Josephs CollageYoung people today may not of witnessed Belfast's troubled past but many have been told stories about what happened. We all hope that those days never return. Pupils from Strandtown and St. Joseph's thought about their ideal communities then set about drawing a large floor map filled with libraries, parks and people playing or spending time with their families.

Listen to this podcast for their stories and city planning ideas for the future here.

About This Film and Podcasts

This film and podcasts was produced by 9 and 10 year olds in P6 at Strandtown and St. Joseph's Primary Schools as part of the IFI's Sharing in Education Programme facilitated by Headliners in Belfast.

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