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Dealing with Bereavement - We're All Different

Bereaved young people speaking of their experiences of losing someone close and how others react to them - not always in a sympathetic way. A film made in collaboration with Haven House Children’s Hospice.

About this Film...

Haven House Children's Hospice worked with Headliners to lead a project focusing on young people's life experience.

This provided the opportunity for a group of bereaved teenagers to explore and learn creative ways of expressing themselves through making this short film.

Noah's Ark Children's Hospice and KNI Foundation also sponsored young people to participate.

This film was prodcued by Thameen Patel, 13, Carolina De Freitas, 15, Ayse Kaya, 15, Anny Mwamba, 15, Benjamin Archer, 15, and Carla De Freitas, 19.

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