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KCP Radio Shows

Headliners teamed up with the Kings Corner Project in Islington to work with 8 young people from the local area to look at issues around relationships, gender and identity.

Radio Faders

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Lively chat and debate with the young people from the Kings Corner Project. Ariandna in the studio and Louis out on the street talking to the people of Islington.

KCP Radio Show 1 by headlinersradio

MIC LIVEShakeela and Sarah from the Kings Corner Project present their show all about crime and gender.

KCP Radio Show 2 by headlinersradio

Identity. What does it mean to you? Tania and Samuel look at this very point in their radio show for Kings Corner Project

KCP Radio Show 3 by headlinersradio Faders

The duo of Memet and Eddie look at relationships. What do people of Islington think? Hear their show for the Kings Corner Project.

KCP Radio Show 4 by headlinersradio

About these podcasts...

These shows were produced by Ariadna Silva Chavez, 15, Louis Mieloszyk, 17, Sarah Murry, 15, Samuel Kutapan, 15, Memet Sucu, 15, Shakeela Ramchaitar, 17 and Tania Tenni, 17.

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