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Big Brother goes overboard

Much that she likes Big Brother, Sharon McLaughlin thinks they may have gone too far this time.

As we know already, Big Brother has become one of the most successful reality TV shows over the years with all its twists and surprises, but has Big Brother ship gone overboard with all the twists?

As a Big Brother fan, I can relate to how addictive Big Brother is, but when contestant Nikki Grahame was evicted on Day 58, ratings began to drop because the house became boring without the tantrum troubled 24-year-old.

With ratings dropping every day, Big Brother had to take action and think of a new twist that would bring back old viewers. I myself lost interest in the show when Nikki was evicted, but when I heard of the plot to bring back four old contestants, my level of interest reached an all time high as one of my favourite contestants could be returning, making the programme personally more worthwhile to watch.

Last week with only 2 week left, Grace Adams-Short, Lea Walker, Mikey Dalton and Nikki Grahame had all been voted by viewers to return to the Big Brother house.

Although this increased ratings with around 5.3 million viewers watching the live broadcast, it also caused a lot of controversy with BB producers receiving almost 1,700 complaints.

Viewers complained they voted the contestants out for a reason and they didn’t waste money on votes to get told the housemates were returning. Due to the trouble the new twist caused, Big Brother producers had to backtrack realising their mistake therefore announcing the proceeds from this vote were all to go to charity.

The funny part for me is how the producers are letting the contestants to choose what charity the money is going to, but in my eyes, who would trust any of these fame driven wannabes to choose a worthy cause!

Now Nikki Grahame has been chosen to return to the main Big Brother house, only leaving us all waiting to see who will claim the £100,000 prize this week.

About this article

This article was written by Sharon McLaughlin. It was published on the Reach for the Sky website.

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