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A member of Headliners interviews another young person

Welcome to Headliners

Welcome to Headliners

Headliners UK is a charity which inspires and encourages the personal development of young people through journalism.

Young people are trained to research and produce stories on issues important to them for publication and broadcast in national and local newspapers, magazines, television, radio and online.

Read our brochure, watch the showreel and supporters video.

What we do

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Where we're based

We have centres across the UK where young people can visit and create reports that are used by other broadcasters and newspaper publishers. See the latest stories produced by our newsrooms in:

Our young people

Headliners member JordanSince we started in 1994, over 2,500 young people have been members of Headliners, or been involved in our outreach programmes. Read the profiles of four of them, as they explain why Headliners means so much to them.


We started as Children's Express in 1994. Have a look at some of the highlights of the last 12 years.