Fulfilling the need for hygiene in Newcastle

Many food banks don't provide vital items for the home. This group of young people made it possible for one food bank to help over 200 families.Read more

Living with the Stigma of HIV

16-year-old Headliners member Eshe discovers the real experience of young people infected with HIV in Jamaica.Read more

Bullying, dont stand for it!

Young people from North Coast Integrated College have teamed up with Headliners to produce an anti-bullying film.Read more

State of Mind

In general Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic (BAME) young people only access mental health services at crisis points. Headliners reporters investigate the issues.Read more

Hallowe'en Horror Stories

Derry loves Hallowe'en, big kids and little kids will dress up and participate. To celebrate Headliners Foyle have written a number of scary stories, read them if you dare!Read more

Tips for the teacher

What can schools do to support children who are learning English as a second language?Read more

A burning issue

Headliners young people explain what community means to them as controversial bonfire destroys community spirit in a Catholic area of Derry.Read more

Best foot forwards

It can be hard to find a job, especially if you are a young person with learning disabilities. This advice film gives some hints and tips to help.Read more

Back to school survival tips

With the new school term just underway, Headliners Foyle decided on exploring some hints and tips to make that back to school trip bearable.Read more

Are we all equal?

With the Black Lives Matter Movement gathering force in the USA, do we need something similar here too?Read more

Unifying under a cause or incitement to violence?

As the Black Lives Matters movement develops momentum in the UK, one young person tells us his views on itRead more

Putting life in perspective

Young people from the Shankill area in Belfast take a closer look at life through the camera.Read more

Girl Gangs in South London

When the media look at teenage gangs the focus is often on young males, but there are many females with strong links to gangs too.Read more

Gotta catch 'em all!

Fear not the zombie apocalypse for it is the pocket monster apocalypse which is upon us! Has Pokemon Go officially taken over the world?Read more

Under my Skin

Young people explore issues such as home and belonging, identity and stereotypes through photography as part of a research project.Read more

What about our EU?

How will Brexit affect young people living along the land border between the UK and EU member state, the Republic of Ireland?.Read more

The EU and You

Faced with change and the unknown young and old react to referendum result.Read more

Under 18s and the referendum

Under 18s had no vote in the EU referendum. Would it have made the difference?Read more

Taking safety in hand

Headliners discuss mobile phone safety and their relationship with their smart phones.Read more

A Derry welcome for refugees?

Headliners young reporters asked the Derry public: 'Should we take in Syrian refugees?'Read more

Should we stay or should we go?

Headliners quizzed two former British Prime Ministers, Tony Blair and John Major, on how they viewed the big question of the day, Brexit.Read more

Handling Homophobia

Headliners young photographers snap up the opportunity to stamp out homophobiaRead more

My Favourite Spot

Three young filmmakers explore their favourite place in London and reveal why it's special to them.Read more

Play and have your say

Putting the focus on sharing spaceRead more